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    We know how to help you succeed 和 our 社区 Living model is one of the keys to that success!


    Get involved, hit those books 和 become part of SUNY 普拉茨堡!

一年级 Students

You Belong Here 和 Deserve Success

No Matter W在这里 Home Is, You’re a Cardinal Now

Being a Cardinal has a lot of perks 和 that means that this college, the faculty, staff 和 学生 are going to do whatever we can to help you be successful. 事实上, we are committed to it.

Take a step out of your comfort zone 和 experience something new 和 challenge yourself 在学业上. It’s OK — we are 在这里 to help you!

一年级 On-Campus Housing

威尔逊, 成白脸莫菲特 Halls are dedicated to first-year student success. We’ve specially selected 和 trained student staff, 和 professional community directors to work with first-year 学生 在这里. Programming, floor 和 building activities are geared to support first-year 学生.

一年级 Student Housing

Campus Housing & 社区 Living

Your first year in college may be confusing, overwhelming, exciting, 和 we hope fun! We are 在这里 to help you in any way we can.

一年级 Student Events

We’ve thought about first year 学生 和 have developed some things specifically 为你.


  • Weekly Events in 威尔逊, 成白脸 & 银行大厅
  • The Cardinal Video Den
  • 开放 Skate On Thursdays